Friday, July 15, 2011

Good things do NOT always come in small packages!

"Chocolate Chip Cookies"
OK-so this is the second time I tried using the small sized packages of the chocolate chip cookie mix and it failed..miserably! Both the small packages AND the regular 17.5 oz packages call for 1/2 stick of butter/margarine-that just can't be! The first time I used it, I put the dough in the star shaped pans and used the cookie sticks and it just ran all over. The second time, just yesterday, I made regular cookies and they came out so thin and "buttery" that I did not like them. I used unsalted butter both times and I'm wondering if that could be part of the problem. Please: if anyone has used the small packages and has had success, please share your secret! I am bound and determined to make these cookies and make them yummy!

Thoughts: I did not like the buttery taste at all. My husband says they are OK, so they are all for him! I like the crunchiness and the chocolate chip flavor,  but the dough was lacking, in my opinion. 


  1. Those cookies were interesting and by interesting I mean not great but not hateful either. There just wasn't much too them.

  2. Have you contacted the company? I have found that to be quite helpful in the past and even scored some free coupons especially when it was a case of a "failed" product.

    Hope you get it figured out and who knows you may even get numerous packages of free chocolate chip cookie mix to boot! (trust me calling really does help as we have ALWAYS gotten help as well as compensation!!)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. no Peggy I haven't but that's a good idea. I'd love free cookie mixes-well the regular sized ones anyways!!