Saturday, July 16, 2011

Crunch my tilapia please!

I LOVE tilapia and am always looking for a new way to bake it or grill it. (Frying is quick and easy and I do it once in awhile, but not as healthy!) I subscribe to the Wegman's magazine and found this yummy recipe in there.  I have not made this with the Garlic Butter that the recipe calls for. I just use unsalted butter and throw in a few tsp. of minced garlic and it's very tasty. We used to be able to get garlic butter in the dairy section of Shopper's Food Warehouse, but they don't sell it anymore. I will definitely stock up at Wegman's if they have it! When I made this I just used EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and I skipped the seafood sauce.  Panko bread crumbs give it an extra "crunch" that regular bread crumbs do not. Click on this link to find the recipe. Enjoy!

Thoughts: In the words of Rachael Ray- YUM-O!

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