Monday, July 18, 2011

Banana Bread with Pecans

Got some extra bananas lying around? Why not try making a banana bread with pecans rather than the traditional walnuts?! This is easy and tasty-two of my favorite things when I bake! I get a lot of great ideas from Food Network so click this link and enjoy!
Thoughts: I love it! It is so moist and tasty and easy to do! I had some leftover bananas that weren't as overripe as the recipe called for and they worked fine. I was also excited to use the whisk attachment on my electric mixer for the first time! I didn't toast the slices as the recipe says but I love to nuke my bread and add butter-yum! 


  1. Have you ever tried banana bread with oatmeal and chocolate chips in it? This sounds absolutely lovely especially since don't eat walnuts around here.

  2. Yes I like it with oatmeal and chip. It's very tasty with the pecans I must say!